Jandarra Solitaire [Deceased]

Light Fawn Female

IAR: 75667
DOB: 2004-11-23
Sire: Shanbrooke Accoyo Yavari
Dam Jandarra Chloe
Fleece: 1st Fleece 17.2m 4.4sd 25.7cv 99.1%cf
2nd Fleece 18.8m 4.6sd 24.3cv 98.2%cf
3rd Fleece 19.2m 4.4sd 22.7cv 98.1%cf
4th Fleece 18.9m 4.9sd 25.8cv 97.5%cf
9th Fleece 22.6m 5.0sd 22.2cv 92.1%cf
12th Fleece 23.9m 5.1sd 21.4cv 88.4%cf


                   JANDARRA POPEYE.  Placed at Royal Canberra Show 2005

                  JANDARRA RHAPSODY  Deceased

                  JANDARRA RHIANNON  Stellar show career including 9 Championships, 2 SUPREMES
                                        and  1st Junior White 2010 NATIONAL SHOW

                 JANDARRA HUSTLER.  Fantastic Fleece, but a big spot made him a wetther

                 JANDARRA MIDNIGHT RAMBLER.. 1st Intermediate Brown 2014 Royal Canberra Show. Certified Stud Male co-owned with Merungle Alpacas

                 JANDARRA SUMMER SENSATION.                                                                                                                   SOLD to Adaminca Alpacas at 2014 NATIONAL Auction       

                JANDARRA AXIOM  2nd Fleece [ 1st Cria shorn at 4 months ] 15.2m 3.5sd 23.1cv 100%cf  70mm Staple Length [ 9 mths growth ]   

                 JANDARRA SOOPA DOOPA.   1st Intermediate White Female - 2018 South Australian Colour Classic. 3rd 2018 Carousel of Colour 


     Solitaire is another stunning Shanbrooke Accoyo Yavari Daughter from Jandarra's award winning superfine Dam,Jandarra Chloe, whose 10th Fleece was tested at 22.4micron. Because of a brown mark on her cheek Solitaire's show career was limited.. However her elite qualities are  highly heritable in her progeny. A previous daughter Jandarra Rhiannon had a stellar show career at the highest level and her last daughter Jandarra Summer Sensation was selected for the 2014 NATIONAL Auction at 5 months .


2nd Light Fawn Mature Female - 2011 NATIONAL Show

DECEASED  30/10/2017